Our consortium consists of universities, schools and private organisations with each institution contributing its own unique expertise

Humboldt University of Berlin (HU Berlin)  is one of the most renowned and modern university in Germany with a large field of research and teaching. The Department of Deaf Studies and Sign Language Interpreting at the Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences offers BA in Deaf Studies and MA in Sign Language Interpreting. Research activities include Multimodal Technology in Instruction and Assessment, Deaf Communities Studies, Sign Languages Studies, Interpreting and Translation Studies as well as L1 and L2 Learning

STIMMULI is a a non-profit organisation working on projects focused on social impact envisioning to inspire future education and ignite positive change in society. To achieve our mission, we design and deliver educational and empowerment projects that cultivate changemaking attitudes, inject entrepreneurial thinking and nudge behavioural shifts for more sustainable lifestyles. STIMMULI bears extensive experience in different fields of activity, including that of Social Innovation Education, Entrepreneurship Education, Active Citizenship Education and Inclusive Education whereby new approaches and effective practices and tools are being developed and designed. Our work aims at harnessing the power of collaboration between universities, nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses and governments, to address pressing societal challenges more effectively and on a wider scale.

The Centre of Greek Sign Language was founded at 2001 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is one of the very first Sign Language schools in Greece. Most of its employees are Deaf using Sign Language as their native language and it expertises in teaching Sign Language to hearing children and adults, producing accessible media content, organizing events and campaigns to promote equal rights for the Deaf and universal access to Sign Language for all the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. Its team consists of Sign Language trainers, Sign Language Interpretation trainers, Sign Language interpreters, video editors and visual designers, IT specialists, subtitlers. Members of its team are also active members of national and European organizations advocating for equal rights for the Deaf.

Gaudem School, located in Madrid, Spain, was created in the 1960s by a group of professionals who formed the Instituto Hispano Americano de la Palabra, a small special education school for deaf students that developed its work for more than 40 years. In September 2008 Gaudem School was opened, a multilingual school (Spanish Sign Language, English and Spanish), which is committed to an inclusive education where students with different abilities coexist and learn together. Gaudem School is an inclusive educational center with preferential attention to deaf students and since the beginning we have been able to give a greater dimension of sign language bilingualism to students with these characteristics.

APES-31, the Association of Parents of Deaf Children in Haute-Garonne, is a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of bilingual education in the region. We are the information point, lobbying group, and research partner for parents of deaf children, educational institutions, governmental education institutions, and other NGOs. We collect data, organise meetings, and monitor the situation of bilingual education for deaf children in our region. We accommodate hearing families in their discovery of the French Deaf community and organise social, cultural, and educational events locally for our members.

Basic School Quinta de Marrocos is the head school of the cluster and a referral school for the bilingual teaching of deaf children. This school cluster has been designated as Referral School for the Bilingual Teaching of Deaf Children in the school year 2008/2009. As a Referral School for the Bilingual Teaching of Deaf Children it offers the community a multidisciplinary team of regular education and special education teachers, teachers/educators of Portuguese Sign Language, interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language, speech therapists, a social services technician and educational assistants.

CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 and based in Palermo, Italy. CEIPES has expertise on Education, Transfer of innovation and Project management in different European programmes tackling the Education and the capacity building of different target groups, from young people to adults, from women to unemployed, migrants and disadvantaged groups. 

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