STEM Methodologies in Sign Languages

Welcome to the STEMSiL website! 

STEMSiL is a consortium initiative consisting of a university , primary and secondary schools for the deaf, a deaf school parents’ association and private organisations.
The aim of the consortium is to leverage the expertise of each institution in the study and creation of innovative methodologies and tools for STEM education for deaf children.

Our goal

Our main goal is to make STEM accessible and attractive to deaf children so that they have the opportunity to choose relevant studies or careers.

Our team

Our consortium consists of universities, schools and private organisations with each institution contributing its own unique expertise

Project objectives

All of STEMSiL outputs and activities are designed according to four key objectives


Identify the special needs and characteristics of deaf education and connect them with the STEM fields.


Develop new methodologies and tools for teachers and Sign Language interpreters to transmit the main STEM concepts into deaf education.

Sign Language

Use of Sign Language to enhance STEM education in deaf students of primary and secondary levels of education.


Promote the involvement of teachers, Sign Language interpreters and deaf students in real-life STEM projects.

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Project number: KA2020-SCH-000087039